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Animated Documentary feat. Chet Porter + EDM Promoter Brownies & Lemonade Garners 100k Twitter Views

We worked with Brownies & Lemonade, a concert promoter that specializes in producing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts and festivals, to produce an asset that brought attention to their Summer Block Party festival.

The event featured headliners including Manilla Killa, Baauer, Party Favor, Medasin, Moksi, Nina Las Vegas and Chet Porter. Our task was to create something more compelling than a concert poster or traditional advertisement. We wanted to craft something that not only helped with ticket sales and promotion, but also stood on its own as an enjoyable piece of content and cut through the noise.

This was a perfect opportunity to implement one of our favorite content strategy approaches: the Animated Documentary.

"Chet Porter on Acid" - video on YouTube (A Confidential Cartoons Production)

Animated documentaries have been a proven model of success in the music world. They excel because, among other reasons, they are relatable, funny, and stand out from other music video content. But also, they are vulnerable and authentic. Most of the time, music and artistic releases are very produced and calculated, but the animated documentaries present an opportunity for an artist to be more candid with their lives and true experiences. The result is something that is enticing, re-watchable, and worthy of tagging or sharing with your friends.

For the animated doc, Brownies & Lemonade partnered us with one of the headliners of Summer Block Party: Chet Porter. We identified a story that would work for the animated documentary approach, by finding a Tweet that already got some traction recently on Chet's feed.

We took a minimalistic style to the animation, based on the client's budget. We accentuated some of the more humorous moments, but chose a style that had minimal motion to save costs.

Brownies & Lemonade posted the final product on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and styled the copy for the post as a meme to inspire viral sharing.

The results were even better than we expected. On Twitter, the post received over 100,000 views in less than 2 days. Both fans and peers praised and shared the work and demanded more.

Reactions to the Chet Porter video on Twitter and Instagram

Alongside fans, we received praise or comments from EDM producers and influencers including Alison Wonderland, MAX (Max Schneider), Lil Texas, Imad Royal, Win and Woo, Ryan Hemsworth, and Cesqeaux. We also got shout outs from Ekali and Josh Pan, who were both featured as cameos in the piece. Collectively, these artists' reach is over a million followers, and their buzzing added a lot of excitement towards the piece and B&L's Summer Block Party.

As we continued to talk with managers and friends in the EDM community, we realized that the project became "water cooler talk" and not only suceeded in bringing awareness to the B&L Summer Block Party, but also gave us as a company momentum that has led to several more exciting collaborations with artists and influencers in the electronic music space, and beyond.

We are currently in the works on another animated documentary piece with Brownies & Lemonade. Follow Confidential Cartoon Studios on Twitter (@ConfidentialCS), Instagram (@confidentialcartoons), and Facebook (, and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well.

Directed by: Ryan Kieffer

Produced by: Andrew S. Cohen & Ryan Kieffer

Art by: Kristina Martin

Written by Andrew S. Cohen and Ryan Kieffer, Confidential Cartoons (Confidential Cartoon Studios)

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