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Founded in 2018 by Andrew S. Cohen, Ryan Kieffer, and Dion Smith, Confidential Cartoon Studios ("CCS") is a creative agency, specializing in animation.

CCS works with companies and brands to create ads, shorts, series, and comic books that maximize audience engagement. We also work in the music space to create animated documentaries, loops, and music videos.


Confidential Cartoon Studios is an animation production company and creative development agency founded in July 2018.

Our team has a background in film production, music promotion, publicity, and management. As a result, we are focused on elevating musicians and artists with dynamic and effective content, such as animated documentaries, loops, and music videos. 


We are also currently in production on a slate of original animated shorts that draw from real life experiences. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on our work, which will begin officially releasing in 2019.


Alongside our original productions, we also work with companies and brands to create animated series, comic books, and virtual reality experiences that maximize audience engagement.

Our core team of experts and artists are some of Hollywood's most promising talent in animation, character design, story development, production design, and more. 

Whether you are a fan, friend, potential collaborator, or just perusing around, we hope you enjoy our work.

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Brand/Commercial Services:

Creative Development & Animation Production

We will develop narratives and characters, as well as provide full sketch to screen production of various types of animated content. Our specialities includes advertisements, shorts, trailers, music videos, and more.

Brand & Character Expansion Into New Storytelling Mediums

We help broaden your brand, story, or characters into comic books, animated series, virtual reality experiences and more. We will collaborate on and execute a marketing and press strategy that maximizes exposure of the final content.

Concept Art & Design

We offer character design, logos, album design, concept art, illustrations and more.

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A Full Presentation of Services

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Highlights From Upcoming Projects:

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